Portable Oxygen Concentrator

What You need to know about Oxygen

Each oxygen concentrator in our product range has been carefully chosen from the world’s leading manufacturers to provide the best and latest equipment direct to you.

A supplementary medical grade oxygen (85% and above) is a prescribed medication, we do require a copy of a script or letter from your GP or specialist confirming your oxygen needs. This protect you and ensures a qualified medical practitioner or specialist has assessed your overall health and prescribed an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Our staff attended regular training in the field of oxygen therapy and respiratory conditions which allows them to provide the best solution for you, in consultation with your Doctor / Specialist.

We supply the latest in portable oxygen concentrator & home oxygen concentrator technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Our friendly & helpful consultants can provide advice on your supplemental oxygen requirements, so that you can regain back an active lifestyle.

Are You Experiencing Breathing Problems Lately? Don’t Ignore Them

Many times, we feel ourselves running out of breath. Lack of exercise and ageing could be the reason.

But whatever it is, breathing difficulties isn’t something we should ignore,as it could be a sign of a serious health problem.

oxygen concentrator for senior

Questions Before Purchasing Your First Oxygen Concentrator

  1. What is my required dose of oxygen in litres per minute (LPM)?
  2. Do I need to use the concentrator while sleeping?
  3. Am I a mouth breather?
  4. Can I use pulse mode oxygen delivery when active?
  5. What battery life, do I need to suit my lifestyle?

Once you have the answers to these questions you are better informed to make sure you buy the right unit to suit your requirements.