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Ken Canda 8:13 pm

Welcome to Easy Oxygen Australia

We supply the latest in portable oxygen & oxygen concentrator technology from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our friendly and helpful consultants can provide advice on your supplemental oxygen requirements, so that you can regain an active lifestyle.

“Authorised reseller for Philips, Inova, Airsep and Sequal. Our range is second to none!”

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Important Questions Before Purchasing Your First Home Oxygen Concentrator or Portable Concentrator

  1. What is my required dose of oxygen in litres per minute (LPM)?
  2. Do I need to use the concentrator while sleeping?
  3. Am I a mouth breather?
  4. Can I use pulse mode oxygen delivery when active?
  5. What is battery life, do I need to suit my lifestyle?

Once you have the answers to these questions you are better informed to make sure you buy the right unit to suit your requirements.

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