Sequal Eclipse 5 Accessories

Portable Oxygen Concentrator With autoSAT(tm)

Eclipse 5 was developed to give portability to those on oxygen therapy requiring continuous flow (such as CPAP and BIPAP).
Eclipse 5 is capable of producing up to 3lpm continuous flow and up to 6lpm in Pulse flow of medical grade oxygen (90%) which gives freedom for all capacity levels.
Worldwide airline travel is also possible with its FAA approved status as well as the included multi-voltage power supply kit. All that is required is the correct wall socket plug.

Lightest 3lpm continuous concentrator in the world
• Provides continuous flow and pulse dose options
• Low-maintenance and low power-consuming system
• AC/DC and rechargeable power cartridge extends therapy time and patient travel
• No more waiting for cylinder deliveries and replaces bulky equipment
• FAA approved for commercial airline travel
• Accessory options that support an active lifestyle

Technical Specifications

Pulse & Constant Flow Delivery
On-Demand with AutoSAT ™ up to 6 litres per min + 3 additional bolus settings. Up to 3LPM cont. flow

Battery, Car & Mains Powered
Mains Power (100-240v AC) & In Car (12v DC). Rechargeable Battery Cartridge. 

1.3 to 5.4 Hours Battery Life
Depending on flow rate and delivery mode the SeQual Eclipse 5 can deliver up to 5.4 hours battery life.

8.3 Kgs in Weight
The Eclipse 5 weighs 8.3 Kgs (18.4 lbs). Supplied with Large Wheel Enhanced Cart. 

FAA Approved
The SeQual Eclipse 5 has been approved to be taken on selected airlines & used on board flights.

Eclipse Power Cartridge

New easy to use black button features intuitive downward release. Provides 1.3 to 3.6 hours of power depending on flow rate and settings.
Recharges using AC, DC power supply or Eclipse Desktop Charger. Compatible with all Eclipse systems.

RRP $786.00

Desktop Charger

Charges the Eclipse Power Cartridge in less than 3 hours.
Use anywhere in the world, by combining with the Universal Power Plug Set (sold separately).
Compatible between all Eclipse systems.

RRP $298.00

Travel Accessory Kit

Includes a Power Cartridge, Multi-voltage Desktop Charger and Travel Case.

RRP $1,114.00

Eclipse 5 DC Adapter

Intended for use with DC accessory outlets such as those found in motor vehicles. Green LED illuminates with DC Power Supply. Interchangable with Eclipse 2
and Eclipse 3.

RRP $289.00

Eclipse 5 DC Adapter with NEMA Power Cord

Eclipse 3 AC power supply with NEMA power cord. Intended for use at home or wherever standard AC power is vailable. Green LED illuminates when AC power supply is supplying 28VDC power.Compatible with Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3.

RRP $306.00

Eclipse Universal Cart with Telescoping Handle

Six-inch wheels provide a hydraulic feel help facilitate stability and maneuverability over challenging terrain. Handle slides up and down
with different settings for personalized adjustment. Compatible with all Eclipse systems.

RRP $183.00

Eclipse Travel Case

Cushioned interior comes with Velcro adjustable, padded, and removable partitions. Clear zippered plastic pocket conveniently stores paperwork or small personal items. External Velcro flap easily slides over the telescopic handle of all Eclipse carts. Compatible with all Eclipse systems and carts.

RRP $201.00

Eclipse Wheelchair Pack

Attaches to any push-handled wheelchair using adjustable, buckle-sytle clips.The Eclipse fits neatly into the main compartment
either with or without the Eclipse Profile Cart attached. The Velcro flap provides easy
access to the Eclipse Power Cartridge Compatible with all Eclipse systems.

RRP $202.00

Eclipse 3 Humidifier Adapter Kit

Attaches humidifier bottle to Eclipse unit

(humidifier bottle not included).

RRP $54.00

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