Portable oxygen concentrators – Giving you your freedom back!

Portable oxygen concentrators are miniaturised versions of the large in-home concentrators that feature in many oxygen therapy users’ homes. Designed to be as lightweight, simple and convenient as possible, portable oxygen units have been giving freedom and independence back to users of oxygen therapy all over the world.

Portable oxygen concentrators enable users to continue and live life

Designed with accessibility and convenience in mind, quality portable concentrators are lightweight and long-lasting in a battery to enable users to continue to live their lives as it used to be before COPD. Many users of oxygen therapy turn to lightweight portable oxygen concentrators as they struggled with cumbersome bulky tanks they used to have to rely on to get them to the doctor and specialist.As well as featuring a conveniently lengthy battery life and in-home charging capacity, most portable units have the ability to be charged in the car offering greater opportunity for long distance travel.

Lifechoice activox 4L image - a Portable oxygen concentrators Trips overseas once previously thought of as a distant memory of the past are exciting possibilities again for users of portable oxygen concentrators. Many find themselves in a position to travel again with peace of mind, unencumbered by large, heavy equipment with the aid of an internationally compatible portable oxygen concentrator such as the Philips Simply Go Mini. For overseas trips and other holidays, many of these portable oxygen concentrators are ambulatory and wearable on the body for a convenient, hands-free experience. Also essential for travel, there are many portable concentrators on the market like the Activox 4LPM that even offer a special sleep mode to ensure that oxygen delivery is not compromised and the user’s oxygen needs are met around the around the clock regardless of where you are in the world! As well as giving many their freedom back, portable units offer a peace of mind in the form of a second source of oxygen if their in-home unit should ever fail them.

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