SimplyGo Mini Concentrator

SimpliGo mini by EasyOxygen

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SimplyGo Mini Details

SimplyGo Mini 

Introducing Philips SimplyGo Mini, the most sleek and contemporary portable oxygen unit the world has seen yet. With the Simply Go Mini, beauty meets brawn with a five-pulse setting to ensure you are oxygenated without compromising on style. With a maximum oxygen output of 1000mL/Minute, the Simply Go Mini is designed to dependably maintain your oxygen levels and easily exceeds the output of most other POCs in the same weight/size range.

Whether it be travelling overseas or  spontaneously taking day trips to visit the family or friends, the Simply Go Mini has been thoughtfully designed to handle any situation life throws at you – choose from a hand or shoulder strap and a backpack as an optional extra.

Giving you the flexibility and freedom you need to get back to doing what you love, the Simply Go Mini comes with an extended battery to give you an industry-leading 9 hours battery life at the typical setting of 2LPM.



SImplyGo Mini Package

Comes with everything you need:

  • 1x SimplyGo Mini Oxygen Concentrator

  • 1x Impact Resistant Unit Cover

  • 1x Accessory Bag (Keeps Chargers and Cables)

  • 1x World Wide Voltage AC charger (110v to 240v)

  • 1x DC 12v Car Charging kit

  • 1 Standard Lithium Ion Battery

  • 1x Comprehensive User Manual


  • A year’s worth of softi-tip nasal cannulas (QTY x12)

  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

SimplyGo Concenrator

SimplyGo by EasyOxygen

available for hire!

SimplyGo Details

Meets most patients’ needs

SimplyGo packs more of what you need in one POC, without packing on unwanted pounds. In fact, SimplyGo is the only continuous flow POC to weigh in at ten pounds.

And for patients who need higher pulse settings at night, the Sleep mode provides increased trigger sensitivity and a softer pulse for exceptional comfort. There’s simply no POC more flexible than SimplyGo.

SimplyGo for today and tomorrow

SimplyGo has more than twice the oxygen output of any POC weighing ten pounds or less. That means that SimplyGo is able to keep up with your patients’ portable oxygen needs today and tomorrow.




Simply Go Package
  • 1x Philips SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1x Washable Impact Resistant Carry Case
  • 1x World Wide Voltage AC Charger (110v to 240v)
  • 1x DC 12v Car Charging Kit (Able to charge while in use)
  • 1x Carry Trolley with easy to pull oversize wheels
  • 1x Accessory case to keep things tidy
  • 2x rechargable lithium ion batteries
  • Compehensive user manual + quick start guide.

Inova Activox Oxygen Machine

Activox by EasyOxygen
Activox Details

The 4LPM Activox ticks all the boxes – light weight, portability, long battery life, hands free, easy to use and inbuilt advanced Auto Mode and Pulse Wave Technology.

The Inova Activox 4L is the ideal oxygen solution for anyone requiring a light weight unit with a fantastic battery life and output greater than that of any other portable concentrator on the market! Weighing just 2.17kg, the Activox will supply from 1 to 4LPMeq of medical grade oxygen (93% +/- 3%), with a battery life from 10.25hrs at 1LPMeq, 8.25hours at 2LPMeq, 5hrs at 3LPMeq and 4hrs at 4LPMeq!

Innovative Technology that meets your oxygen needs.

Featuring new peace of mind technology, the new 4L incorporates a user friendly screen that allows you to simply adjust your setting and displays your battery/charging levels. The screen can be seen in any type of lighting including bright sunlight, making it easy to monitor during operation. A ‘Mute Button’ turns off any audible alarms, giving you time to refer to the manual, identify the alarm and rectify the matter.


Activox Package

Comes with everything you need:

  • 1x Lifechoice Activox 4L Oxygen Concentrator

  • 1x Impact Resistant Unit Cover

  • 1x Accessory Bag (Keeps Chargers and Cables)

  • Range of Adjustable Carry Straps (Shoulder, waist or backpack style)

  • 1x World Wide Voltage AC charger (110v to 240v)

  • 1x DC 12v Car Charging kit (Able to charge while in use)

  • 1x Internal Lithium Ion Battery for up to 12.5 hours of use

  • 1x Comprehensive User Manual


  • Year’s worth of softi-tip nasal cannulas (QTY x12)

  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

Sequal Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen

Eclipse Porable Oxygen
Sequal Eclipse 5 Details

Portable Oxygen Concentrator With autoSAT(tm)

Sequel Eclipse 5 was developed to give portability to those on oxygen therapy requiring continuous flow (such as CPAP and BIPAP).

Sequel Eclipse 5 is capable of producing up to 3lpm continuous flow and up to 6lpm in pulse flow of medical grade oxygen (90%) which gives freedom for all capacity levels.

World wide airline travel is also possible with its FAA approved status as well as the included multi-voltage power supply kit. All that is required is the correct wall socket plug.

  • Lightest 3lpm continuous concentrator in the world
  • Provides continuous flow and pulse dose options
  • Low-maintenance and low power-consuming system
  • AC/DC and rechargeable power cartridge extends therapy time and patient travel
  • No more waiting for cylinder deliveries and replaces bulky equipment
  • FAA approved for commercial airline travel
  • Accessory options that support an active lifestyle
Sequal Eclipse Package
  • 1x SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • 2x Rechargeable Lithium Battery (additional batteries available for purchase)
  • 1x Eclipse Carry Trolley
  • 1x AC Power supply kit
  • 1x 12v DC Car PowerSupply kit
  • 1x Eclipse 5 User Manual
  • 1x Free Delivery Australia Wide
  • 1x Years Supply of Soft Tip Nasal Cannulas (12)
  • Eclipse 5 Brochure (PDF)

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