One thought on “Oxygen Concentrator Information and Reviews

  1. Josie Barrett says:

    Hi there my name is Josie, I bought an Inova life choice Activox oxygen concentrator about two months ago now and I’d like to say how very helpful they were in helping me choose which concentrator would suit me. Emily explained everything I needed to know and within three days of receiving my money I had the machine delivered. THANKS EMILY.
    I have pulmonary fibrosis. Iinitally bought this machine, because after being an active person most of my life I’ve found it increasingly frustrating with my limitations .My husband and I had planned a trip to the Northern Territory and the Kimberly rangers and I really wanted to do the walks up that way. So after much research I chose the Activox. Most of these machines are similar so its just a matter of choice. The machines are not miracle workers but they are a great help. One particular walk we did was Emma Gorge rated at level 3 difficulty . I used my oximiter to check my oxygen levels during our walk. My starting oxygen levels were 94% on a level 2 pulse flow after ten minuted my level had dropped to 74% so I increased the flow to no 3 setting and after a good rest off we went again. I continued to monitor my levels during our walks and we had lots of rests but my oxygen levels stayed at 84%. Although I still struggled a bit I was quite pleased because without the oxygen concentrator I wouldn’t have been able to do the walk or any other walk at all.

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