Comparison Table for Portable Oxygen

ModelImageWeightOutputSleep Compatibility*Battery Life at 2LPM EqUnitFilter/Sieve BedBattery & Accessories
Phillips Simply Go Mini2.7kg
(extended battery)
(standard battery )
Pulse settings 1-5Yes, if a non mouth breather9hrs
(extended battery)
(standard battery)
3 Years1 Year90 Days
Phillips SImply Go4.5kg with battery
(2 x batteries supplied) 
Pulse Settings 1-6
Continuous Setting 0.5-2LPM

Yes,to 2LPM Eq Continuous
Yes, on Pulse if a non mouth breather 

(Pulse – 3.5hr, Continuous – 49 minutes) 
2 Years1 Year90 Days
Sequal Eclipse 5*8.3kg with battery (2 x batteries supplied)Pulse Settings 1-9
Continuous setting 0.5-3LPM 
Yes, to 3LPM Continuous 
Yes, on Pulse if a non mouth breather
Pulse – 5.1hr,Continuous – 2hr3 Years1 Year1 Year

Comparison Table for In-Home Oxygen 

ModelImageWeightOutputSleep CompatibilityWarranty
Phillips Everflo 14kg0.5-5LPM
Yes3 Years includes processor
Intensity 10*
26.3kg1 – 5LPM x 2
1 – 10LPM x 1

3 Years

Includes compressor

Ultrafill Oxygen Cylinder  20.4 kgsCylinder sizes vary
Pulse: 8 – 37hrs
Continuous: 2 – 8hrs

1 Year

NB: Battery life will vary in relation to breathing rate and does reduce at higher oxygen flow rates.