Inova Activox / Lifechoice Accessories

External Battery Packs


Activox External Battery

Each battery pack is able to supply an additional 3+ hours of use on all settings.

Is able to be carried in a handbag or alternatively used as a belt around your waist.

Price: $560.00


DC 12v Charger

A 12v charger that is able to be used via a STD cigarette lighter socket often found in cars, caravans and boats

You will be able to charge your Lifechoice unit while using it.

Price: $69.00


AC 110v – 240v Charger

Able to be used worldwide with AC voltages between 110v and 240v.

RRP: $69


Accessory Bag

Used to carry your chargers, cannulas and any other goods you may need.

RRP: $64

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